Rules & Regulations



   Friday, May 19th (11am – 10pm)
Saturday, May 20th (11am – 10pm)
Sunday, May 21st (11am – 5 pm)

The Blue Dome Arts Festival is located in the Blue Dome District at the intersection of 2nd & Elgin in Downtown Tulsa. To our participants, please pay attention to the following:

Registration: Registration will begin at 8am Thursday, May 18, 2017 inside of the Blue Dome Building at 2nd & Elgin (202 S. Elgin Ave.).

All registered artists and vendors will receive Registration Packets with their booth assignments, parking passes, festival maps, vendor lanyards, Sales Tax forms and all other necessary documents.

Loading/Unloading: The City of Tulsa will close the streets by 5am Thursday, May 18, 2017. Artists, vendors, performers, festival staff and festival volunteers are the ONLY people allowed to drive their vehicles on these streets during setup. Vendors who need to unload their equipment or supplies from their vehicle should register, check-in, drive to their booth location, unload and move their vehicles off the festival property as soon as possible. Unattended vehicles parked in fire lanes or in front of hydrants will be TOWED and TICKETED by the City of Tulsa. The festival will open at 11:00am each day, so all vendor vehicles should be moved away from the festival grounds by 9:00am. This is a permit issue that we must abide by.

PLEASE NOTE: If you need to leave before the event is over, you may not bring your vehicle into the area to load. You must ‘dolly’ out your tent, equipment and art. This is an insurance liability issue that we are required to abide by.

Parking: Parking passes are not available for 2017, but there are many nearby parking lots with available parking.

Booths: All vendors are required to bring their own tents, pegboards, displays, tents and chairs. No homemade tents or covers are allowed. The Tulsa Fire Marshall may inspect your booth setup for a ‘Fire Retardant Sticker’. Propane bottles are NOT allowed. No fire of any type will be allowed inside the booth(s) by order of the Fire Marshall. All materials inside your booth space (tent, table, chairs, etc.) are to be provided by the artist. Tents and the security of all contents in your space are the sole responsibility of each artist and BDAF will not be held responsible for damaged, lost or stolen goods.

Fire Extinguishers: Even though they are NOT REQUIRED, we highly encourage to artists and vendors to bring a fire extinguisher and keep it inside of the booth.

Electricity: Electric hook-ups are available with a $30 charge. Any booth requesting power will be given a spot along the curb with access to a power source. NO booths in the center aisle will have access to power due to cords and safety concerns of BDAF visitors. Any artist requesting power understands that they are only to use low-watt lighting and not attempt to run anything that will blow the breaker, such as a microwave, cash register, portable heat/air, etc.

Refunds: There will be no refund of application fees for entries withdrawing from the festival after March 1, 2016 or due to inclement weather.

Sales Tax: The Oklahoma Tax Commission requires the Blue Dome Arts Festival to collect all the taxes from artists and vendors.

TAX PROCEDURE: All registered vendors and artists will receive a copy of the Oklahoma Tax Report and a return envelope in their Registration Packet. All artists and vendors are required to submit their complete sales tax form, total tax sales payment and a copy of their sales tax permit (if you have one) to the Blue Dome Arts Festival. Artists and vendors must send this in within 15 days following the festival (June 5) to be submitted to the OTC by the BDAF.

Food Vendors:  Food vendors are required to use the generators provided by BDAF. All vendors must have their documents up to date and submitted with their application. These include permits/licenses for: Tulsa County Health Department, Oklahoma Tax Commission Sales Tax Permit, Certificate of Insurance (naming BDAF), and City of Tulsa Business License . Food vendors will not be allowed to set up unless all documents are in order. The Tulsa County Health Department will be on-site and they WILL CONDUCT INSPECTIONS. We are required to submit a list of the food vendors to the Tulsa County Health Department.

Alcohol: Alcohol sales of any type by the artists or vendors are NOT ALLOWED.

Emergency: We are a rain or shine event. In the event of severe weather (high winds, heavy rains, hail, etc.),  secure your goods and take cover. Once the weather passes and the damage has been assessed, the festival will reopen. In case of a fire, remain calm, notify your neighbors, vacate the area upwind of flames and call 911 to report the emergency. The Fire Department will respond immediately and extinguish the fire in an orderly manner.

Security: The Blue Dome Arts Festival is not responsible for your goods. Vendors are expected to man their booths during the entire time of the festival.  Security will be provided by the Tulsa Police Department and will be on-site 24 hours a day during the festival. Should an emergency occur, do not interfere; notify a Blue Dome Arts Festival Staff Member and call 911. Security, EMSA, Tulsa Fire Department, or the Police will respond.

ATM- ATM’s will be located at the corners of 2nd & Elgin near the Blue Dome.

The Blue Dome Arts Festival is a non-profit organization that supports local artists from Oklahoma. We ask all our artists, vendors, performers and volunteers to support us in Facebook and Twitter to promote the Blue Dome Arts Festival and all it has to offer.

For any further questions, please contact Jo Armstrong at 918-857-8487, email us at, find us on Facebook at Facebook/bluedomefest or Twitter @bluedomefest.