The Blue Dome Arts Festival is a family and gentle-pet-friendly festival where everybody in the family has fun. While the kids enjoy the KidsZone, Chalk Circle, Art Play Center, face painting, henna tattoos, The Children Parade/ArtBOXcars and more; grown ups can enjoy some the handcraft of almost 250 local artists, as well as performances on stage of 30 local acts, the food truck food court, and ArtCars display on Saturday from noon – 6pm. Don’t forget to bring your best friend; dogs are welcome to enjoy the Blue Dome Arts Festival.  So come and enjoy this three day event where you and your family will be entertained, educated and inspired.

Chalk Circle

Located in the heart of the Blue Dome Arts Festival, make your mark on this year’s event! . At the chalk circle anyone that feels inspired from all the art around the Blue Dome Arts Festival is welcome to draw some unique art at the Chalk Circle. You do not need to bring supplies, just your imagination.

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Art Play Center

At the Blue Dome Arts Festival everybody is an artist. Bring your kids to the Art Play Center to create arts & crafts. The Tulsa Stained Glass Co guys will bring  the paint, ceramics, mosaics and whatever your child needs to create some art. The Art Play Center will entertain, educate and inspire all the little blue domers. No experience need it.

Face Painting & Henna tattoo

Art can be expressed in so many ways. At the Blue Dome Arts Festival we want you to have a complete art experience. There is not better way to experience art than using your face and body to express yourself. Let a Henna tattoo artist to help you express your inner artist in your body by choosing your design or  just let an artist to use your face as a canvas.

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Children’s Parade/ ArtBOXCar

Living arts, Philbrook Museum and Guthrie Green come together to bring the ArtBoxCar parade to the Blue Dome Arts Festival. Children from Tulsa get the chance to bring their imagination to live at the ArtBOXCar workshop to create the unique cars. These ArtBOXCars genius show their creations during the Children’s Parade on Saturday at The Blue Dome Arts Festival. “Best of Show” trophies are give at the Blue Dome Arts Festival’s stage to the most created ArtBOXCars. To be part of the ArtBOXCar workshop/parade visit Living Arts.


Art gets moving thanks to Living Arts in Tulsa. The ArtCars are coming back to the 13th Annual Blue Dome Arts Festival to surprise us with more awesome ArtCars. Come, see and interact with these unique working cars converted into things you will never imagine. For more information about the ArtCars visit

Belly Dancers

Belly Dancers have become a tradition during the Blue Dome Arts Festival. Local Belly Dancers from Tulsa bring you this unique and fascinating Middle Eastern form of art during the three-day festival. See performers schedule for details.